Doing Time, a collection of non-fiction writing, is out from Floating Opera Press in summer 2021. An excerpt was published by Mousse Magazine. It is available for purchase here

From the back cover: 

To write about someone else mean both to expose and transform them. This is the dilemma of writing that Janet Malcolm describes as “morally indefensible.” In Doing Time, Kristian Vistrup Madsen deliberates on his correspondence with an inmate in a California prison named Michael. Over a number of years, this spawns a series of reflections about the politics of solidarity and appropriation, but also about writing itself and what happens when life is turned into art. This book is a portrait of a friendship interpolated by great difference, and of a fearful time in which experience and identity are everything, and thinking not enough.

“The first few letters on my part were punctuated by hesitancy, a dutiful respect for the
difference between us: that I couldn’t possibly understand, or even with the moral implication that I oughtn’t. Heavy with sarcasm, I wrote to Michael in prison: ‘Meanwhile, I am working in an art gallery. We sit in a room full of MacBook Airs in minimalist outfits and talk about the migrant crisis.’ But he had written nothing to warrant such pleas for reassurance. My respect for difference, then, was not the same as respect for Michael, but rather a way of excusing my own position, working through my own guilt.”

My debut novel is forthcoming from Broken Dimanche Press in spring 2022. 


Misc. writing for art publications

On Alex da Corte's 'Chicken' in Frieze, April 2021. 

"Art criticism is too easy", feature for Paletten, print, winter 2019. 

Reporting from India Art Fair, Harper's Bazaar Arabia, February, 2019 (Print only) 

Curated By Florian Pumhösl, Meyer Kainer, Vienna, Die Springerin, Winter 2019. 

Kochi-Muziris Biennial, ArtNews, March 2019. 


Exhibitions & Catalogues

"Flowers for Tal" for Tal R's exhibition at Ordrupgaard, Denmark, summer 2021. 

"Forever Undead: A brief survey of contemporary painting" for the catalogue of Farshad Farzhankia's exhibition at ARKEN, Denmark, spring 2021. 

"Ride or Die" on Peter Bonde's exhibition at Sorø Kunstmuseum, Denmark, Spring 2021. 

"Me and my Model" for Cosima zu Knyphausens exhibition at Stadium, Berlin, December 2020. 

"Life is sad and art is vapid" on the comics of Jaakko Pallasvuo for Det Grymma Svärdet, Lystrings Forlag, summer 2020. 

On the work of Leiko Ikemura for Sainsbury Art Centre, 2020. 

On Mark Rothko's Seagram Murals for the Colour Journal's "Red" issue, 2020. 

On Alvaro Siza for Nanushka's Portugal book, 2020. 

Catalogue essay:Travelling Light: on the contents of Jong Oh’s backpack, Jochen Hempel, Fall 2019

Catalogue Essay: Invisible Pictures: On the late Paintings of EW Nay for Aurel Scheibler, Summer 2019. 

Exhibition Text: Kirstine Roepstorff and Matyas Chochola for Cermak/Eisenkraft, Prague, May 2019. 

Profiles: Elaine Reichek, Anne Wilson, Reena Kallat in Vitamin T: Threads and Textiles, Phaidon, 2018.

Exhibition Text: Peter Voss-Knude at Grimmmuseum, Berlin, April 2018.

A drama-free sublime: On the work of Andreas Johnen, Catalogue essay, 2018.

Exhibition Text: Simon Brejcha & Martin Velisek at Cermak/Eisenkraft, Prague, March 2018.

Catalogue Essay: "Apocalypse, Style, Play: On the Art of Milan Kunc and Jiří Černický, Cermak / Eisenkraft Gallery, Prague, August 2017.

Artist's biographies: "Soft g", Schwules Museum, Berlin, 2017.

Wall Texts: "Gosh! Is it alive?", ARKEN Museum for Modern Art, Copenhagen, 2017.

Artist's Biographies: "The 8th Climate: What does art do?", Gwangju Biennial, 2016.

Talks, lectures and teaching

Alumni talk with Hatty Nestor on Doing Time, Royal College of Art, London, March 2021. 

Lecture seminar: The dog and its vomit for Kunsthochschule Mainz, January, 2021. 

Lecture-seminar: Art criticism between description and fiction, Konstfack, Stockholm, September  2020. 

Tutor, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, May 2020. 

Berlin Program for Artists tutor, April 2020. 

Conversation with Vivian Greven, Galerie Aurel Scheibler, Berlin, October 2019.  

Artist talk with Sandra Vaka Olsen, Stavanger Kunsthal, October 2019. 

Writing workshop: "Art criticism as auto-fiction" at Bergen Kunsthal. October, 2019. 

Panel discussion: Art criticism and a different view on Vienna's art scene, at Vienna Contemporary, 2019.

Talk: The Disintegration of the Critic, On Jill Johnston at Bergen Kunsthal, with Axel Wieder, Fiona McGovern and Megan Francis Sullivan. 

Talk: "Art Criticism is Too Easy" at the conference Punctum Caesura: Art Criticism in the New Public Sphere, Nya Småland and the Swedish Art Foundation, November 2018.

Lecture: "Why I Can't Write Fiction": On real-life experiences and the question of presence in art and writing, for Nordens Biskops Arnö's Debutant Seminar. June 2018.

Lecture: "Using People": On appropriation of experience in art and literature, for the Museum of World Culture and  Glänta, Gothenburg, November 2017.

This lecture was given subsequently at Grimm Museum, Berlin, Last Tango, Zürich, and the Index Foundation, Stockholm.